Back home from the hospital

I’m home from the hospital for a gallbladder removal surgery and double hernia repair surgery. I feel so much better my belly is sore from the hernia surgery so I get to lay around for a few days. On man it hurts to cough and laugh


Welcome home. So glad that you have updated us.
You got this! Feel better soon :heart:

Thank you @laetitia

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No worries! Feel better soon!

Welcome.back! Get better soon.

I had gallbladder surgery in 2007. No one tells you to stay near a bathroom after eating for a while. Be prepared! This is normal after gallbladder removal and lasts for months to years for some people.


Just had my gall bladder out too.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Yeah the doctor told to be prepared for that. My hernia repair is what hurts not the gallbladder removed area. Thank you for the heads up

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Good that he told you. Mine didn’t and it was a shock.

Hope your pain eases up soon!

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Thank you @ZombieMombie

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