Discharge instruction........after surgrey today

hey any one want to see my insides…the Dr has me on three meds to clear up ainfaction. and the lab well have me called by weds. and they have call in a doc in a different office to look at my golstones . still in pain, but hey .


Yeah went to a doctor’s appointment, turns out I have sludge or stones in my gallbladder too. I’d advice you to follow through with after surgery instructions but be weary of becoming dependent on possible painkiller prescription. An ultrasound is possible in my case, not sure if the call has been made yet. Only know that the staff at the office (who is pretty nice) will call one of my parents when things are ready. Hang in there, it ain’t over yet!

By the time you read this… the surgery might already be over.

Hope all went well and you can now heal and feel better.

i hope everything went well :smiley:
take care :alien: