Back from da gymie

So yeah today I was at the gym for about 3 and half hours. And now I am eating a whole bunch of food. Jalapeno poppers that I bought the other day, left over pasta, a hamburger, and a protein shake with strawberries in it. It was a good work out and now I get to spend the day with you fine people.


Great job apathy!

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Yeah, we really are fine, aren’t we?

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You Too @Sammyp !

No One Says Great Job Anymore … ,

Errrone Wants to Quit and Be Snowboarders Ya’know (???) ,

Jus Weird … … …


@Sammyp Thank you

@77nick77 Yes, you are all really fine

@sleepoptimistic YOUUUU…good job

also this pasta tastes like it has wasabi in it now

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Yo You (!!!) ,

Thanks … ,

e(Y)e Guess … ,

(BRB) … … …

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FO All You Yo Yo You Carayzee Guys (&) (OR) Gals (!!!)


(TBC) - (sing-a-long) - (thaz if you can) - (TBC)