Back again, afraid I can't work

Hi so long story short. Is that I am experiencing severe illness recently right when I just started school. And I’m concerned that if I can’t get through school, that I really can’t work. And I’ll never be able to get off of Public Assistance, welfare, Social Security, food stamps. I’ll be stuck there forever and I can’t live like that. it’s not enough money. but I’ve started school and ever since then I’ve been so so severely sick. So sick i can’t function. And I’m really smart! I used to be good at school!


Hi again @Inezinez . Just curious if you have work history or if you are starting from scratch. Curious mostly because a work history is relevant to two things:

  1. Potential of collecting SSDI if it were required
  2. Might provide a good work history for potential jobs.

Just trying to get a grasp on your situation

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I do have some scattered work history. I more worried about this sudden illness. I’ve been doing so well but all of a sudden I’m very sick. I feel like it won’t ever go away again. I’m afraid it’s too much stress on my system is why I’m so sick. And that means i really can’t ever work again. I’m so scared in more than one way


I’m afraid that I don’t have definitive solution to your problem.

Maybe talk to your psychiatrist about med dosage changes?

I hesitate to return to work as well. my reasons are thus:

  1. On too high of meds I am lethargic and slow minded. Also tend to sleep a lot
  2. on too low meds I dont do well with high stress and can get paranoid easily.

I’ve yet to find a level that works well enough for me to return to work. but I’m on ssdi and have sufficient income to get by, so its no emergency. But maybe you can find the right balance.

My meds are pretty low. I’m on the cheap social security and i have a one year old son. It’s too little money to survive. I had the great idea that i would just go back to school. BUT now that I have I’m sick every night. I’ve Already spoken to my doctor who refused to up my meds. Said out was a therapy issue. K I can’t get therapy this late at night!

Therapy works for some people. There are people here on the forum who it has helped a great deal. It doesnt hurt to give it a shot.

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lol. I’m not trying to off your problems to someone else. I’m just trying to brainstorm your problems and come up with a solution.

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I’m in therapy. Once a week. Is the most i can get. I find myself calling crisis hotlines… to get the extra therapy I need

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If your doctor refuses to up your antipsychotic meds maybe, if a big part of the problem is stress, you could ask for anti anxiety medication?

Anti anxiety and depression meds dont do squat for me since being on antipsychotics, but maybe they could help you. IDK. I’m running out of ideas. It seems like you are mostly doing what you need to do.

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Thank you yes I’m just kind of here to vent. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me though immensely! It means a lot

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Anytime @Inezinez . We are always here 24/7. Good to talk to you.

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Actually, you can. Lots of great self-therapy exercise books on Amazon at reasonable prices.I like to work through them regularly. I find the ones for positive thinking help me when I’m in a funk.