B Rye Redux.... A series of playlists

I’m putting this under creativity as it did take some time, thought, and effort on my part… and that way I can add to it later…

So I’ve been gathering music on youtube… going over discographies to make complete collection minus the songs that I don’t think make the cut… There are basically to variants of these playlists… B Rye Selects… which is my selection from the whole of an artists publicly released works… and then B Rye Redux… Which is a shorter half hour to hour variant that is limited to 20 songs… I’ll just post the playlists that are 20 songs or less on here… If you like something you hear than you can search for my page… actually I’ll put a link in my profile/card to my playlists page…

So here goes… I’d suggest using the shuffle function unless otherwise specified.

Hot Hot Heat (Artist Selection)

Julian Casablancas(Artist Selection)

Tyranny (Don’t shuffle) (Tyranny Redux)

The Strokes Classics and Demos (The Strokes Redux Pt 1)

Angled Machine (The Strokes Redux Pt 2)

Muse top 20 (Muse Redux)

Shin Splints (The Shins Redux)

Rattata (Ratatat Redux)

Spoonerific (Spoon Redux)

Albert Hammond + Nickel Eye (Strokes sidemen selection)

Rey Pila (Definitely shuffle)

Jake Chudnow (Vsauce music selection)

Crystal Castles

more to come… :smile:

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Wow. Can you make money of it?
:smiley: I’m serious.

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A dollar saved is a dollar earned… ■■■■ all the other crappy services… youtube literally has everything… you just gotta know how to sift through it and how to search properly… there were a few songs I couldn’t find…

Only with spoon so far and that’s because they are kind of a cult favorite… they have a b side called “You was it” which is an alternative to “Was it you”… couldn’t find it… youtube ignores word order…

Also there was a demo/remix album released with Ga ga ga ga… called “nice” that had some unique tracks on it… no one uploaded it ever… either because it was crap or because the limited edition for that album was obscure and the second disc was more or less unheard of…

I research the bands as I make the playlists via wikipedia… so it’s a pretty cool process… get’s me closer to the bands.

Muse Ratatat The Strokes The shins… solid discogs all the way through… other band have a lot of garbage woven in… spoon and of montreal are among them

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This is the most delicate playlist I ever played.
No ■■■■.

which one are you listening to?

Crystal castles now.
But it sucks I’m on phone all time and it can’t play on youtube while doing other stuff…you know

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look for a background streamer

hold on…

try this

it looks like they are cracking down on these kind of apps…

If you were here I’d root your phone

What is this, an App?

yeah your on like a samsung phone or something… lg was it?

should all be droid

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Bryan, that is the most romantic thing I heard from you.


I’m stupid though. I play things on Soundcloud lol

I’m going to check it on Google play

google owns youtube… so that’s the one thing you I can’t find on the play store

I thought It’d be easy… i bet there is another on there somewhere though… the play store doesn’t have an approval system I don’t think… apple has to verify everything…

Let me do some digging

I got it :smile:


got what? the floatube app?

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How can I find you?
I search by the name of playlist but shows nothing.

mmmmm bad app

are you searching for “B Rye Redux” or “B Rye Selects”

are other videos playing on there? does playback stop when it is sent to the background?

Uh…let me check again.