Autobiographical memory

This article about aphantasia has an interesting foot note re autobiographical memory.

It’s definitely a problem for me . It’s as though there are episodic broad outlines of memories but with much of the fine detail erased.
I know my brother remembers much more of what would have been shared events in childhood.

Aphantasia also explains why I struggled with a relaxation course I did which was very much based on guided imagery. It was audio with one supposed to conjure up soothing mental images. The scenario, a beach . No way could I picture the scene but the seagull noises running through the audio were damn irritating. I couldn’t shut them out. All I could think while lying there , eyes closed wa,s “Could someone shut up those damned seagulls”


I’ve noticed that my autobiographical memory is very weak and that my memory for trivia is very strong.

I think @flybottle should see this… He was mentioning something along the lines of the importance of a “personal narrative” a while back.

My story feels to long and complicated to keep track of. I kind of like to let go of the past. I’m here on a new stage in life and really only want to focus on moving forward. I did enough psychoanalysis and reviewing my past throughout the first few years of psychosis. I did sort of rebuild the “autobiography” a bit… amazingly enough one single conversation with my cousin allowed me to reconstruct almost two years of my life experience that had been lost.

That said… the story I’m looking to write now is my future.

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