Autism psychiatrists: experience, knowledge, attitudes, new survey

I guess I must have just been unlucky that it took 45 years to have a pdoc intelligent enough to entertain the possibility there was more going on than mental illness.

My psychiatrist thinks I might have aspergers. But I’m not getting tested for it.

The correct name, thank you. To hell with the “spectrum” BS.

I’m neutral about the use of ‘spectrum’ . I was dxed with Asperger’s syndrome and that’s what I say when speaking on a personal level.

Glad I don’t have to worry what a psychiatrist thinks of me. I am out of the system. My discharge papers I have nothing to worry about. I only have to take my medication.

Try interacting with the parents of severely autistic kids on Twitter. I’m on a mission to differentiate myself as much as possible these days.

I don’t do much of such interacting on Twitter. I’ll occasionally post something in the parent’s section of the Wrong planet and the National autistic society forums . It’s a case of post and run.

I’m not denying there’s a difference between people like you and children and adults with a severe disability. Some may say that strengthens the validity of the spectrum concept. Others may say there’s little connection between those with Asperger’s and those who are severely autistic .

Same problem I encounter elsewhere. If you say that you’re high-functioning and you don’t regard it as a disability, you get piled on. In the autism forums, it’s like, “lady, I’m sorry your kid is basically a human doorstop, but I’m not the person to take it out on.”

Technically to qualify for a dx there has to be some degree of impairment. That raises the question of whether disability and impairment are always mutually exchangeable.

Even with medication as a sz i am still impaired?

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