Autigender (this is me)

I find this label suits me quite well. I want to stress it doesn’t mean autism is my gender, rather that autism impacts my gender.


I identify with the gender I was assigned from birth. To my understanding that means I’m cis gender.

But I like the company of men, but then am effeminate a little, in speech, and gait.

I am attracted to women, but gay men have initiated talks with me. All I’m saying is I believe there’s things going on now with our gender and MI…

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What I said has holes in it… Standby…

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What I said at the end is wrong but at the same time I’m having difficulty retrieving where I was meaning to go, so I’m gonna leave it out for better men and women and of course trans folk to pick up the pieces.

Gonna take it easy and rest away from the site for the rest of the day methinks…

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Being 100% genuine,

Why the need for a label?

I understand that when you fall under the blanket of a term, it’s easier to find people with similar experiences.


I can’t keep up with all these labels for people’s preferences.

It’s so overwhelming.

I don’t want to look like a bigot because I don’t know the right words for something.

It’s confusing.


I don’t like being asked that question. I mean, it’s good you don’t feel the need for labels, but clearly not everyone feels that way and that’s ok, you know? Let people enjoy things.

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Putting names/words to existing phenomena gives us a chance to better understand ourselves through simply having a label, and also as a means to connect with others with shared experiences. Labels are only bad when we impose them on others.

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I agree with you.

How many genders are there? I’ve honestly lost count.

I understand the LGBTTQQIAAP+ (I’m not making that up) wants inclusion, but it has to be done on a practical basis.


We all view gender differently. We can’t say someone is right or wrong for how they view gender because it’s an individualistic experience, it would be like saying someone’s experience of sadness isn’t really sadness because it’s not the typical experience or like your own.


I meant no offence, I totally support your struggle and I broadly agree with your retort.

I agree. It gets confusing.

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I get you now. I also see a new side of you in these Replies you are reading… because if I’m right here, you are on a quite a similar page with everyone in so many meaningful ways.

I mean just try your best, most folks are understanding that this isn’t everyone’s experience and won’t flip their lid unless you refuse to learn or listen at least.

I understand it’s confusing, no more need to agree on that point please. If you are confused asked questions.

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What do you mean by this?

I meant that(god I hope you are ok with this) but I meant you don’t care for the vast amount of pronouns out there, Like what you said in private to me… I’m here for you for whatever reason you standout to me…

I don’t really have an opinion on neo pronouns, besides I support people that use them. It’s not my experience so my opinion isn’t relevant, so I don’t even think about it. I consider myself fortunate to feel comfortable using he/him pronouns since people are very used to using them.

No one should be discriminated against because of their gender identity or gender expression. That said, it doesn’t make me a bigot, or transphobic, to disagree with a person’s belief that gender is an emotion.


That’s fair.

I still don’t want to feel like an assshole because I don’t know how to address someone or understand their preferences.

I guess trying is probably enough for most people.

Thanks for the reply.


Emotion? I never said that, and wouldn’t agree as well. Gender is much more complicated than that tbh. It’s part of our identity, and everyone’s relationship with who they are is different so we can’t really dictate what labels people should and shouldn’t relate to. The people that want everyone to know everything about it don’t understand that it’s infinite the further you break it apart.

Yeah I mean there are some outspoken few that cast a bad shadow, but people generalize and assume all trans people are like that. I only get offended anymore when someone knows my name and pronouns but refuses to use them. That doesn’t mean being accidentally misgendered doesn’t hurt, it does, but I’m not going to get pissed at the person for making a mistake especially if they just didn’t know.

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