Auric field

I bored in my flat. does anyone know swan teal she a spiritual teacher she believes schizophrenia is caused by holes in you auric field cause your thoughts are so negetive you attract ghosts and things

As fun as that all is to consider. It’s dangerous for a sz to create that space where external influencing consciousness exists. Eliminate that space and you might be surprised what happens.

And uhhhh. Yeah that shits not real. No auras, no chakras, no ghosts, no santa, no gods… boring I know. I’m sorry.

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Actually bro, auras are real in a way.

They are visual representations of a person’s core being.

How do they happen? By way of induced hallucination of course.

Gotta keep that one in my mind, they can induce visuals in people, visuals of all kinds, any kind at all.

Chakras are real as ■■■■. Of course we have the way our bodies work, this is obvious.

Ghosts are real but they just came up with a bunch of stupid ■■■■ about them over the years, (they aren’t people). Sometimes they are visual hallucinations induced by way of implanting visual information in the brain.

Santa is real, he’s a metaphor, mother ■■■■■■ has elves yo. It’s horrible.

There are “gods” yes. This word is just a title though, there is no magic involved and all that they do is perfectly explainable.

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They was around from the time of my youth.

They are just assholes so they are attracted by certain people and want to hurt certain people.

You fail to convince me.

Just because an idea exists doesn’t mean it has a chance of being real. Even a well upheld and maintained belief.

If there is no evidence for it. It isn’t real. Why are people so set on making this ■■■■ more complicated than it is.

Wasn’t my intention to convince you.

Why not do a little digging every once in awhile?

What like outside?

Do people really not see that this stuff isn’t real?

Like they don’t have that hypothetical part in there mind where its like that’s cool, that would be cool, but uhh yeah it’s obviously not real.

I tend to try to stay out of the sciences of things. I’m more of a philosopher & a logician trying to curb the peace of reality to be more complete. I don’t have time or patience to understand these theories of spirit matter and such.

I have dense dreams, out-of-this-world realism and surreality. That alone is good enough for me, and proof that I really do not need to be that engrossed in the spirit sciences.

What happens when you die? Do you disappear? How do you know what is real and what is not? Are your dreams less real than your non-dreams? I don’t get it. Why are you so sure about what is real? I don’t understand. What about when you are psychotic?

I’m serious, not trying to argue or anything.

No one “knows” for sure, but uhh its pretty obvious the neurons stop firing and you’re gone.

That’s it shows over.

Just coming from a perspective of physics it’s pretty clear what is and what is not possible.

That doesn’t make sense to me. If we are just shapes and numbers and physical particles/waves (basically countable things in a system), then how can a set of a finite number of physical particles/waves in a certain form (i.e. a person) only exist once in all of infinity?

You can believe whatever you like man.

Yes, likewise… but I still don’t really get it.

Guessing I probably evaporate. Hoping I get to haunt people, however. I could totally rock that.


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That feeling is mutual.

I’ve thought about the implications of infinite, everything would repeat infinitely. That doesn’t mean it’d be tied together. Independent occurrences.

I’ve had these thoughts too, of course. But I have many, many possible scenarios in my mind and can’t answer these questions.

Yeah man. when you mentioned infinite i felt this paign. I used to think about that stuff a lot and it went nowhere in the end.

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