Attitude and success

People notice if you have a good attitude or a bad attitude. People respond more positively to someone with a good attitude which makes life a little more bearable. Personally, over a period of 30 years, I have found that having a good attitude at work is instrumental in being successful at my jobs. Sometimes you have to force it, but it can get easier with time.

My dad taught me about they benefits of putting on a good attitude when I was 17 and about to enter the work force and it still holds true today at age 55. I am not doing too good at my job right now. I’m tired and slow all day and I can’t lift heavy objects because I have a bad back.

I think one of the major reasons that I have not been fired already is because they like me and I am not a complainer. My co-worker complains about everything and gets in conflicts with the bosses. And it makes him unhappy and un-popular with them.

I just plug away at what I am told to do and I eagerly go from task to task and I force myself to have a good attitude and it pays off. My bosses notice the problems I’m having but they also take notice that I am putting out my best effort.

“You catch more flies with honey, than vinegar”.


Have been listening to many speeches on success lately. Get names come up like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger you know their endings. Most of them focusing their minds in becoming successful but not finding happiness contentment peace when they have got to a point of being very successful. With the speeches I have been hearing one is to redefine what you idea of success is. What does being successful really mean to you? Why is that important to you? Are you doing it for yourself? The list goes on.

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I take it one day at a time and do my best. I am happier when I’m working.

Well yes. Success does not automatically make you happy. It’s no secret, it’s common knowledge. But I think that all three of the people you mention had some extremely happy time sat some point in their lives and experienced more happiness in certain years or months than the average Joe does in a lifetime. Who knows what demons drove those three guys? It all comes back to the fact that we are only human.

But what does being successful mean? Who is defining that meaning?

Success can mean differtent things to different people. And what I just wrote is the extemely simplified answer to your question. Success is relative. Society may look at you as successful if you stay out of trouble, you have a nice car, a family. But you may be unhappy. And looking at a supposedly successful person in societies eyes may not tell the whole truth, right?

Success comes in a million forms. You can define the meaning for yourself. This is just my personal take on it. I may be right on some of my points; I may be wrong.

I will remember this as I move forward in life. :slight_smile:

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@Sharp Are you heading off to university soon?

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Hey @Sharp, welcome back.

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success for me has never been money.

There’s a saying that attitudes are contagious, make yours worth catching.

I have noticed a similar phenomenon at my work nick. People who are miserable have a hard time of everything.

I like to be happy and have a good attitude. Even though I have never won a promotion, I think I am successful at work.

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Laugh and the world laughs with you…


Pie and you pie alone.

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I have no choice but to have that happy demeanor at work. I work in food service and that’s a must have. If you can’t diffuse angry customers it just turns into a cluster of crap really quickly. I automatically slip into the respectful, happy manner at work. Seems to be the only thing that makes the jobs tolerable.

I was brought up to not complain. And to just get out there and get after it.

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I think that my attitude confuses people…I do things like say I will do something, then actually do it. My attitude is the same all along- under the surface, it is just “I am doing it” and it is enthusiastic yet a little bit cold- I will usually do things to an “insane” degree of intensity that I make clear to some people out of necessity.

It is when people doubt you that opportunity truly arises. Make people learn that you commit and stick to your word, even if it becomes dangerous to keep holding onto it. That is how to make your attitude clear, from my experience.

People respect that sort of behavior. It just cannot be dismissed, it is too powerful. As disadvantaged people who need empowerment, I find that dedication is a huge factor in enjoying life. Even if we fail, we are known as more than just survivors when we dedicate and give everything- we get recognized as actually fighting back, not just defending ourselves from horrific circumstances.

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I have always been with a good attitude in general… I got fired from a big job… that ruined my self confidence. It was tough and the job was tough. I was laughing a lot too.

Today morning I applied for a new job…I can easily do it but I have a great life anyway, I don’t even need to get a job.
I’m lost

But that’s what I mean @77nick77. You have to redefine the meaning of success. See if you can find some speeches on it are a few really good ones around.

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My attitude is quite neutral. Neither positive or negative.

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i think some of the trouble is in this free country we define for ourselves what we want yet we get programmed on how to live our lives out especially with sz. the depression sets in when you cannot pursue your dreams your way. at least i feel it that way.

hope this helps.


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Yes I am! September 19 is the start of first quarter!