Attitude follow up

My dad told me years ago that 80% of life is attitude. If you have a bad attitude people will notice and shy away from you and make it harder to get what you want. If you have a good attitude people will want to be near you and help you and you will get along better in the world. You catch more fly’s with honey than with vinegar. But my dads main point he was trying to instil in me was that attitude is VERY important when you are at a job. If you are negative it will transfer over into your quality of work, your co-workers will not enjoy working with you, and your boss will notice. If you moan and groan about the work and approach it with a frown or a bad attitude the boss will notice.And contrarily, if you are eager and willing to do your best job your boss and all those higher up will be impressed and treat you with respect. I remember when I worked at a department store for three years named Kohls. I unloaded trucks and stocked shelves. Our immediate supervisor was a mellow, relaxed, laid back guy named Rob. But he was not a pushover; the way he carried himself and acted just commanded respect towards him. NO ONE wised off to him. But some of the younger workers on our truck unloading crew used to complain about the work and wish out loud that they were home. That was unfathomable to me to hear someone saying that frequently when everybody could hear them. I would never do that or expect ANYONE to do that. This guy Rob didn’t show any signs that he heard or if he heard he didn’t get upset. But this went on awhile until one day he called us to stop our work and have a meeting. He quietly and succinctly said, “Look. If you guys don’t want to be here than you can leave this minute but don’t expect to come back”. “I don’t want to hear any more complaints”. Everybody took him seriously and kept their mouths shut from then on.


What if you get cancer?

Is it okay to have a bad attitude then?

This is a nightmare and everyone knows it, but if you want to eat dinner and have a place to sleep you’ll keep your ■■■■■■■ mouth shut.

Now get back to work!

I feel bad for about two minutes after I read your posts to me. Then I go back to my life which isn’t anywhere near perfect but sometimes entertaining and comfortable and bearable. I guess I have to concede those two minutes if it makes you happy, but it doesn’t change my outlook on life. How far (for anybody) has having a bad attitude gotten you in life?


It does not make me happy no.