Ask the Expert: IMHRO Brain Waves Q&A: Psychosis Early Treatment

I encourage you to join in this presentation and question and answer series put on by the IMHRO - the International Mental Health Research Organization.

Do you like to hear stories of treatment success? I sure like to share them. I have had the great good fortune to speak with two women on Brain Waves this month: A scientist directing an IMHRO-funded facility whose clinical research and treatment has helped many young clients with early psychosis, and a mother whose daughter has benefited from this treatment.

Ask Dr. Carrie Bearden & Gayle Ayres about Psychosis Early Treatment

I truly believe that early intervention gives the best chance for a young person with a psychotic disorder to recover. It has worked for me! In this inspiring Brain Waves “double feature,” Dr. Carrie Bearden and Gayle Ayres will present their perspectives on the early treatment approaches offered at the CAPPS/ABBRC psychosis prevention/early intervention clinic at UCLA. First, Dr. Bearden, director of the center, describes the treatments offered to its young clients. Next, Gayle, mother to Anna, a 2012-2013 ABBRC client, provides her impressions of the program and of how it has helped Anna.

Curious? Watch Dr. Bearden’s and Gayle’s Brain Waves interviews,

and then, you can log in and ask them your own questions. They will respond to questions from Wednesday, December 18 through Friday, December 20, 2013.