Ask a question to the poster above you

Ask a question to the poster above you…

Why do you only post in your own threads?

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not true…I often post in other threads…

whats your profile name mean?

It’s a game I liked.
What’s your favorite food?

are you afraid of thunderstorms)

do you take your meds?

my favourite food is noodles with added flavour

what was your best dream when sleeping you ever had?

no…I love thunderstroms so much energy involved

have you any pet’s at home?

Yes I do. 1515151515

yes I have. 18181818

It gets me nice and tiddly.

how old is your son?

Idont like it. but I consume it when negative symptoms aŕe severe.

are you ashamed of your diagnosis?

my son Cameron is now 10…

can you say angels are among us…?

I was ashamed for ten long years but since 2010 I feel the opposite to shame, I grew and matured into it…

are u hearing voice daily?

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I don’t know if this question is directed to me or the above poster. I don’t hear voices daily. occasionally i have breakthroughs.

it was 4 u…cool…

I only heard voice’s in a psychotic state…##

do you have deep feelings?

I have flat emotions.

do you get drunk or high?

yes regularly. my father is a fisherman.

do you?

cool…I love 2 fish it so peaceful…

whats your favourite fish 2 eat?

I don’t eat fish cos I am vegan.

are there common things you don’t do because of your illness?