Name one thing you wish users knew about you

it could be anything.

I wish you guys knew that I’m a real live person and not just a username


I used to be really good at music. Like skipped loads of grades at school. Can barely strum chords now…


I can touch my tongue to my nose


now I understand your soul… :grin:

i’ve been told that i have a lovely voice


I can imagine you alive and you look really cool. I can imagine even beyond that but let’s talk about weather.
Its 3:21 here.

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That I’m scared of the dark.


I’m never nice to my mailman.


I wish you could know me in person, to see beyond the forum.

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I wish you guys knew how many times I reread every single one of my posts just to make sure I didn’t inadvertently upset someone or say the wrong thing.


Hello forum buddy, way to not respond to my emails when i needed help… Lol i’ll let you off the hook , but anyways, merry christmas to you and luka and i hope you guys have a happy holidays. Really. I mean it. :innocent:

@ninjastar now there’s a considerate person!

I wish you guys knew what a pain in the ass it was to make pastries this flaky and beautiful

Actually, I just wanted an excuse to show off my cookies!


if i didn’t just have a full hand-made Domino’s pizza, id be drooling right now. but even when im full it looks amazing

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Lol show off all you want.

My sister came over yesterday and baked cookies. Just basic chocolate chip cookies, but she did it so damn fast and they were sooo good. she’s a skilled baker. but so are you! how are those? can you like put chocolate on them?

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You could drizzle chocolate over them. I fill them with a sort of mix between whipped cream and custard.


I’m Alive…

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I deleted my former Google account and email…also my hangouts. That’s why I didn’t get it! Sorry… Hey but you really think I wouldn’t answer you? :pensive:


I can’t really think much of anything that I wish users knew about me. they know everything about me already, or at least the significant bits. I’ve pretty much made myself an open book, in this community. :slight_smile:

english im speaking is from movies tv shows and music
i learned nothing in high school


I’m not delusional, but I don’t think I’m crazy. I just damaged my brain so now the ghosts or whatever have access. If I could only not be afraid of them.

Beyond that I love my wife dearly, but I post so much about that I’m sure everyone knows.