ASD and the use of antipsychotics

I read that ASD people are more sensitive to the side effects of APs and should use a lower dose than people without ASD. Is this true?

ASD as in autism spectrum? I have no idea to be honest.

Though a doctor did complain I was sensitive. I don’t know if she read through the notes to know I am on the spectrum.

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I dont know. I think that isnt necessarily true. They said i might have ASD, but others said i dont. Im really sensitive to meds and need low doses, according to docs too, and i too read this about ASD sensitivity. Someone i know has ASD and needs huge doses though. Since ASD is typically coming with varying hypo- and hypersensitivities, i think it is logical that this varies a lot for each person with ASD.

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That’s more it I think

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It is a wild guess, more than science.

I know. (151515)