Article: Mentally ill are often victims of violence

Article: Mentally ill are often victims of violence

By Rick Nauert, Ph.D.
Psych Central

A new study clarifies the relationship between mental illness and criminal violence, as researchers discover almost one-third of adults with mental illness are likely to be victims of violence within a six-month period.

A strong correlation exists between being a victim of violence and committing a violent act. But researchers learned that adults with mental illness who commit violence are most likely to do so in residential settings.

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Corrupted bank CEO’s, corrupted politicians, corrupted Wall street brokers, etc., are all classified as mentally fit people, via non of them being viewed as being mentally ill people. Thus despite any disturbed behavior of this kind, no matter what the measure, it still sits under the title of NOT being mentally ill.

Also, those who commit violence against the mentally ill are still classified in most cases as mentally fit people.

In other words, people can do things that are far far far more insane than anything that the so called mentally ill people would do, yet you will still be off the hook thanks to still being placed under the title of mentally fit.

For instance, if you are so crazy that you drop a couple of atomic bombs resulting in 450,000 people killed, then you are mentally fit. Or, If you are so crazy that it takes the dropping of couple of atomic bombs that kill 450,000 of your people to change your ways, then you are mentally fit.

Thus as long as don’t mention delusions or hallucinations, hell you can get away with bloody murder.

So if the aliens told you to drop a bomb, just make sure that you don’t say the the alien’s told you to drop it. That way the world won’t ever question your sanity no matter how many innocent people you kill.

Under the spell of psychosis, I was taken advantage of by many different kinds of misguided people who had bad intentions for me. I can see why we are victims of violence

I have come to the decision the world seems to work the way I believe it does.

I have been assaulted in a bar for defending my sexuality, retaliating with “I would bet I know how to please a woman better than yourself”. After turning away, amused, I was assaulted at the bar. I conclude I was struck under the circumstances that he believe that is what was called for and I had such deep insecurity I as well somewhere believed someone could assault my person over such a simpleton measure. Sure as ■■■■. I blacked out and upon taking another blow to the face. I swear on my fathers grave; Something dropped inside my person and knocked this man back 4 or 5 ft. into the bar, as he scrambled up and lunged at me again, I cocked back and knocked him just as hard again. He scrambled up, ran out of the bar. I was 135 lbs at the time, never worked out anymore, 6 ft tall. At skin and bones I would not have knocked a full grown man at 6 ft. back even a foot.

That day changed myself, I changed my beliefs, I vowed forgiveness no matter how horrific the cause with 52 day bearing, life is to short to hold baggage. Gravity seems less existent. Each new phase I am ready to take on adventures and feats, never being tied down for longer than need be.

It is all names and souls, when I forgave Michael; the world warmed up for all the Michaels’ in my life, numerically speaking; we are writing it as we speak. Write with Grandeur Captains.

Soulfully you value as you deserve, you may reap and sew and wondrous or wicked as you see fit