Art work in the home

if it wasn’t for the great artwork hanging around my house by famous artists like jukebox and Marvin I wouldn’t be so happyeveryday we try to come up with new cartoons in illustration in our office area some of these you may have seen before the other website went down others you might not recognize but are still being created todaywhat are your best part in your own homeis it your kids macaroni art work on the refrigerator or a painting you bought at Kmart or a cartoon you cut out the newspaper and hung on your doorstepwhatever the case tell us about it thank you again

I miss hanging my kids art work on the fridge. I remember theyre macaroni art-the Thanksgiving hand turned into a turkey drawing.
They grow up…

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We got my sister’s piano from a community center. Over the years the kids must have played with the piano when it was finger paint day. The piano is covered with little kid finger prints and hand prints in different colors.

We could sand them off and have it refinished… but we both like the little hand prints. They are fun.