Aristada vs Abilify Maintena

What is the difference? Are they the same and just made by different manufacturers? Is one more effective than the other? Are there different side effects? Someone please help :confused:

I heard Aristada is better for psychosis/sz and Abilify Maintena is better for bipolar


I switched from Abilify to Aristada with no problems or side effects.

I think they’re basically the same thing,

That’s what my doctor told me anyway.

I think @anon4362788 made the same switch and may be able to weigh in.


Did you hear that from a doctor?

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Can you please cite where you saw that? I’d like to read about it

Thank you @anon54386108

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A moderator here said that to me.

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I said that.

Aristada is indicated for sz and sza. Abilify is for bipolar. It’s basically the same med, but like Invega and risperdone, Aristada is what Abilify is made into by the liver.


Aripiprazole lauroxil, sold under the brand name Aristada, is a long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotic that was developed by Alkermes. It is an N-acyloxymethyl prodrug of aripiprazole that is administered via intramuscular injection once every four to eight weeks for the treatment of schizophrenia. Wikipedia

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thank you so much!

No problem! Happy to help.

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