Are you into chewing gum

  • 1 now and then
  • 2 sometime for meeting
  • 3 when i walk long
  • 4 all the time.
  • 5 i don’t like gum
  • 6 i put a hole pack in my shirt to hand out to friends

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I can’t chew much gum now days due to dentures

I don’t like modern gum. They ALL have aspartame and other weird artificial sweeteners!

I couldn’t care less about 10 calories of sugar. I just want normal gum.

Have to spend 10x the cost to get an organic kind off amazon if I want it.


I need gums to prevent me having dry mouth due to my meds. Dry mouth causes tooth decay / caries

Used to be. Turns out to be too much work with dentures!


I love gum, but the sound of gum being chewed makes me really annoyed

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i don’t like gum.

I have some goodies here. I haven’t chewed gums in years. I’m more into smoking. My goodies are already half a year old. I only took like 4 of them and I have bought three packs of goodies.

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