Are you in a life situation that builds character

Suffering alone doesn’t necessarily count.
I suffered in isolation for years and it did not build my character.
Driving Lyft builds character.
I know this.
I drive nights downtown because it scares me the most.
I started Lyft because in the back of my head I knew that if I didn’t start taking risks I would die in my parent’s house having never tested out all the fears in my head and the theories that came with them. Fears actually are theories in a sense.
I’ve disproved many of those theories.
I have made beautiful women laugh in my car.
I have said no to bullies and it made me feel great.
I have a 4.98 rating out of 250+ rides.
No one me including will ever be free from the myriad forms of fear. But we can chip away at them, or be consumed by them wholly.


Great job on your accomplishments @Nomad . You are definitely right that we have to step outside of our comfort zones to improve. The only time in my life I felt I was improving myself was when I was stepping outside my comfort zone too


You r right. Little steps make a big difference. I am not doing much right now but I hope in future I will go to a social group for people with anxiety


Yeah good for you for getting out there and doing something. It really is important to try no matter how hard it is. Especially modern city life where it’s easy to isolate. That isn’t good for most folk.


i difnt mean to offend you, sorry. i’ll work on that.

tbh i am very concerned with beautiful women myself! all types of women, actually. so that sentence just stood out to me.

i guess a lot of the humor is lost when you’re just writing things out.

im running down the same road as you are @Nomad.

ill work on my tact! truly sorry.

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Don’t be sorry man, i just jumped to the worst conclusion when i read your post.

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i honestly mess up so much…ill work on it! smh

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I’m in the same boat. I mess up with passengers constantly, saying the wrong things then realizing it right after I say it. It’s a learning process.

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i guess im just trying to be jovial but i just come off as bro-ish and insensitive.

thank you for giving me a second chance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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seriously though, good for you for getting out there!

when i get w bit better i will definitely try and get some work like you have done!

how is school going btw? you were studying…coding or something like that, i wanna say?

I dropped my classes.

I cannot force myself to do anything I don’t see meaning in. With what’s going on in the news, I’m probably headed towards a career in cybersecurity.


honestly, best of luck in all you do bruv.

i took a leave of absence in school and may never return, at least im not in condition to do so right now.

hopefully 30 years from now we’ll look back at where we were today and feel we made all the right decisions.

i hope you benefit from both the journey and reaching your destination (i get philosophical sometimes, sorry)

if you dont mind me asking…what is “cybersecurity”?

generally cybersecurity is protecting networks and sensitive information from attacks. Fighting hackers.

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We won’t make all the right decisions, man. We’re human. The most I’m hoping for in thirty years is to look back and see that my good actions outweighed my bad ones.


ok, i think i understand what that is!

as for the future, i try not to judge myself too critically, but often end up doing so anyway :laughing:

even though im not feeling stable enough to do much right now, for me, even just doing the little things i can to prevent others from suffering now or in the future, whenever i can, makes me feel so fulfilled. this illness really made me suffer for a while, it tends to put that aspect of life in perspective, whether its me or someone else

as for life, its like a boxing match for me, you go in with a plan until you get hit in the face that first time (misquoting mike tyson). i just try and achieve some level of overall balance, whether that requires meticulous planning or improvisation. i feel like, if i get hit enough times, eventually ill know what to expect. even if it hurts every single time.

personally, i lack the ability to decide exactly where i want to go or what i want to do, i guess thats just part of being crazy :sweat_smile:

maybe if that irons out i could get a job, or a family or something. that would be pretty dope actually

right now i really just hope things keep getting better, heh heh

What do you mean when you get better? I THOUGHT YOU SAID ONCE YOU HAVE RECOVERED.

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I believe my relationship with my friend builds character. I’ve never had such a good relationship. You’re right. Suffering alone keeps you stagnant. But it’s also kept me young and jovial. So I still have a lot of life ahead of me. That’s about it though. I mean I build character every day but the only “life situation” is my relationship with my friend.


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