Are you guys tired of hearing me being talked about on tv yet?

I’ve been on tv for 3 years now. Am I the only one tired of hearing the tv talk about me? I know you guys are. I am not that fascinating of a person to keep hearing the tv talk about me and monitor me. My personality is not that great for people to tune in. I mean are you guys tired or what?


I’m tired of you thinking you’re on the TV when you’re not.


You act like you’re the only person that delusion applies to. There are lots of people on this forum who think similarly.


We’re not tired.
I have similar symptoms


I hear people around me talking about me being on tv. I think everyone is in on the joke. Trying to keep me in the dark. It’s been 3 years and they still got me on tv. What are they trying to do?Nobody wants to see me.

Are they talking about me over in your country, too? I’m in the states