Are you eating for life or eating for death?

When I first started overeating, I would eat so much it would hurt and then I would eat some more. It really was very much like suicide. I hated myself and this was a way to express it. It’s a hard thing to relive, but it will heal my mind to resolve the issue. I have no desire to eat like that any more.

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i eat for life but i really enjoy eating though… sometimes when i have something special that i don’t have every day i eat so much that it hurts too… but usually i take small portions.

I eat because I love food but that’s not to say I don’t love life.

I meant only overeating was a death wish. Normal eating is not a death wish.

I try to eat for enjoyment, and weight loss. Hopefully that is fine.

But I’ve used eating as an unhealthy coping mechanism for so long. I hope I will be OK. But I just don’t know!

My problem is upstairs neighbor makes it hard to cook. Also making me sick, so I eat more processed food, which isn’t good.

I was so tense about it, my jaw was stiff.

I personally would not call it a death wish though. Because it wasn’t.

Maybe to you it was

That’s right. I’m only referring to myself.

I’ve got a weird condition where I’m never full, so that doesn’t help. Also doesn’t help that I like to enjoy my food so I can’t live on shredded lettuce.

After awhile, my stomach went numb to feeling full, too. Since then, it has regained its feeling. Now, I could not eat like I used to.

Both really, everyone eats and everyone will eventually die.

I meant like dying of a split stomach.

No, I am not depressed. Eating is fun but I wish I could lose weight.

I probably eat for death my diet is mostly fast food and unhealthy things

I think I eat for death. My father and his people make the food here. It tastes good, there is seldom anything healthy. But I have no control over it. I eat too often too.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said “Eat to live; don’t live to eat.”


I used to just eat to stay alive.
I’ve gotten better at eating when I’m hungry - and stopping when I’m not.
My grandfather always said the key to a long life is not to eat untill you’re full, just until you’re no longer hungry.

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