Are you drink tea with milk?

I never try to add milk into tea when I drink tea. What kind of tea will you choose to add some milk to make it taste more smooth? Will it turn into milk tea? And question is coming, Milk in First or Teas in First? Debate continues about whether to put milk in the cup before pouring or after. Originally milk was always added before the tea to prevent the hot teas from cracking the delicate bone china cups. Tea experts agree with this tradition but also state, pouring milk into hot tea after pouring alters the flavour of the tea. I’m really curious what kind of flavor is it, and you?

I typically brew tea with a tea bag directly in the cup and usually don’t add milk.

When I drink coffee, I usually put milk in my coffee cup first and then pour the coffee in because that way the coffee mixes with the milk and you don’t need to stir it with a spoon. :smile:

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Smart as you are.