Are vocal tics related to schizomphrenia

I have these constant vocal tics and I was wondering are they related to schizophrenia. Theyre starting to annoy my family

what kind of tics? can you describe them?

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Repetitive phrases and noises

I think that’s more common with the Autism spectrum or OCD.

i know someone who has tourettes syndrome, she makes strange noises and says inappropriate things sometimes

I knew a couple of people that had vocal ticks with schizophrenia. It is really frustrating to live with (lol). I’m afraid I don’t know much about it other than its involuntary.

Do you have any physical tics? In order to be diagnosed with tourettes a person must have a vocal and a physical tic.
My son has both. He was diagnosed young. I’ve never been diagnosed but I am sure i also have it. My son has palilalia where he repeats what he says in a whisper several times.

Look into tourette’s syndrome and see if that resonates with you. While sz can come with repetitive nonsensical language it is not a “tic”. APs can cause certain tics if you’re on them long term but generally they are ones like lip smacking and tongue movements.

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Honestly I wouldn’t even call it a tic, Its like random phrases and noises

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