Are These Signs Of Getting Fired?

  • When you walk in saying hello everyone ignores you
  • Try to initiate conversation then you get a nasty glare
  • Everyone acting as if they are your boss and they own you
  • Being grabbed around the wrist and told “come with me please”
  • Being talked down to as if I was a 5 year old

Are gloomy sky’s ahead of me? :cloud: :cloud: :umbrella:

What kind of job do you work?

Donut shop. :doughnut:

Maybe they are just stabbing you in the back, but not firing you. I have some jerk at work who likes to act like he has power over me and is the boss. The funny thing is that I’m a better worker than him and he’s a slow worker. In fact when they hired him, he was getting paid the same hourly rate as me but he was so slow that the boss actually lowered his rate of pay.

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Maybe ask your boss if you are going to get fired. If he says “yes” or “maybe:”’ ask him if there’s anything you could do to prevent that from happening.

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During the past month I set goals for myself before I go to work.

“Ok, i’m going to do my entire job in 1/2 hour. I can do that”

:running: :running: very fast and actually complete my work in 1/2 hour

everyone around me looks so :angry:

nobody should grab you like that at any type of work environment, whether they like you or are planning to fire you.


That’s a good idea…

Who was the one who grabbed you by the wrist and what did he/she want?
Other than that, they might be jealous of you.

A supervisor was responsible for the wrist grabbing.

Well what did he/she want? Besides your attention.

Told me there was a paper napkin on the stock room floor. Since I was the last one in there I should have picked it up off the floor.

Never even noticed.

That was one grumpy kite.

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baked beans - i bet there is another donut shop in town where workers would appreciate a nice person like you. is that possible? you deserve better!!


I am from a temp agency that ships welfare people off to work for a few days a week. We are treated differently from the normal staff. :doughnut:

Temp agency+ case workers in MI scold you if you speak up. They say “just go back and do your job” or risk suspension of benefits :doughnut:

can you request another job in another place? i know you probably need this job but it sounds toxic. another agency or different type of job. i have heard that goodwill industries can be a good place?


that’s not cool you deserve better.
know that someone cares.
take care


No one should be grabbing you anywhere - this upsets me. You are too good for them, if you ask me. I hope you see better days :sunny:


Just start a riot and blow off some steam.

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Has your boss himself/herself said anything? Regardless of what the other employees think it is your bosses decision not theirs.

Perhaps you trying to get your work done so fast is making them look bad? Maybe slow down a bit as you probably don’t need to complete your work so quickly and sometimes when we rush through things we don’t do as good of a job.

Being grabbed was not cool. If it happens again you should calmly state that you don’t like to be touched like that.

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