Are any of you savvy about oral sadism?

Because if I eat in front of a mirror, I look absolutely ghoulish with the sadistic pleasure of eating. It’s got me really wondering what is right. To eat or not to eat.

You have to eat. Most people look different when they eat. Nobody holds it against them. I’ve found that the worst time to look in the mirror is right after you wake up in the morning.

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I look tough in the morning. I’m glad I have a single bedroom. Nobody’d want to sleep with me and wake up with me.

Why on earth would you want to look into the mirror while eating?

Because I could.
Anyway, when I’m eating with others, they see me. Unless they’re so busy eating they don’t notice…

When I eat with others, I couldn’t even tell you what others look like because allI can think of is how to eat properly, mouth closed while chewing, small bites not chunks, no burping or grossness, etc.

This s why I only eat around my hubby an mom. They’re pretty forgiving.

Well tables manners to me are sadistic in themselves and have nothing to do with being kind or acceptable. Makes eating tense.

Question: What’s the difference between a sadist and a dentist?
Answer: The dentist has better magazines on his table.

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I was always to scared to notice any magazines on a dentist’s table.

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It wud probably depress me to watch myself eat

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