Sometimes, I think eating is so barbaric

No, I think that all of the time. Try eating in front of a mirror. It could be a revelation to you.


Eating is a basic necessity of life. :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:

I know. It just means life is barbaric.

Lately i feel like eating is such a chore. I wish i didn’t have to concern myself with it.

I’m embarrassed to eat in front of people because I have so few teeth left I only have the four top and four bottom teeth in the front to chew with. It looks so stupid.

I’ve only got a few teeth myself but I’m old and it gives me an excuse so I’m not embarrassed. I just wolf it down and don’t really notice others. I think they’re too busy eating to notice you much, @FatMama

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Maybe it is when people eat meat. It’s kinda disgusting biting into animal flesh.


I’m a vegan and I still find eating disgusting, vulgar, and, I repeat, barbaric.

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I want to see meat that way. Ì wish I could live a vegetarian diet. Or at least pescatarian diet. The will is strong but the flesh is weak.

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It’s very trendy to eat vegetarian. I think the idea got started in the 70’s when a lot of us were living on little income. I was on again, off again for many years but, now, have been a moderate vegan for about 10 years. Even though I’m on ap’s, I don’t have a weight problem. I recommend it.

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Well, since barbarians in history ate food like us, then yes, you are right, it’s barbaric.
And until McDonalds can come up with a new hamburger that can be injected directly into our bodies we will keep stuffing our faces like barbarians, huns, and neandrathals did.

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No, thank you. I prefer orality to jabs.


Agreed. Eating grosses me out the majority of the time. It’s also tedious, timely and expensive.

Buy your groceries
Lug them home
Prep them
Cook them
Clean up

Start again in a couple hours. Ugh. No thanks.

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Cooking is time consuming and tedious.

I didnt know eating is barbaric :thinking: :crossed_swords: :cut_of_meat:

It’s messy, undignified and gross. I often feel disgusted with myself for having to do it.

It doesn’t bother me. You tend to fixate on minutae, particulary when it’s something many decades old.

You’re outnumbered on this post, @velociraptor

I’m always the most functional one in the room.


Only if you chew with your mouth open imo