Apt broken into again, should I even bother calling the cops?

This sucks, man. Can you move?

Maybe you can move soon.

My storage unit got broken into about 6 months ago and my homeowners insurance finally paid me the claim yesterday. I got back about $4500 which doesn’t really make up for all the loss but is still better than nothing.

Insurance is nice to have when you need it.

■■■■… man I’m terribly sorry to hear that. I hope you find a place to move soon. It seems like you’re apartment is a target for them and they’ll continue to rob it if you stay there. Being robbed once is a horrible experience but three times… I’d understand if you were angry. Thank goodness they did not take your laptop. I wish you the best freakonaleash and I hope you find a safer place.

When I was a rich ■■■■■ my ex-husband and I had an alarm system in our home. It was like $40 a month. Can you afford that?

Oh, this is unpleasant… I would advice to report it, freakonleash… Maybe I am paranoid, but burglars don’t have the right to take the habit to take your things like this. The next time it can be more serious…
My apartment was broken once too, but I was so ill that I didn’t report it for handprints, I regret this now. Cause I am scared, they will come again, knowing that I am ill with no defense…

Where do you live? You don’t have to answer that, but I’m really curious and can’t stop myself from asking at least once.

My friend told me I can move in with him and his wife and kids. It’s just a matter of him clearing out the spare room. I told him I’d like to do this as soon as possible.

@agent101g, I don’t like to say where I live.


Dang you need to get a dog. A scary dog.


A true story:

I ordered fried chicken one day, and I was home alone with the dogs. I really wanted fried chicken- so I ordered it. My mom advised me to be careful when I let her know about ordering fried chicken; a woman got assaulted by a delivery person, and this happened to other people as well.

So, when the delivery guy came, my dogs were angry. I mean like, ANGRY. I didn’t let him in the house- we have double doors. I let the dogs watch me as I got the fried chicken. Cocoa was so angry that he started barking aggressively (he tends to be really protective of me). My other dog started to bark aggressively as well. So you can imagine a middle sized dog and a small dog showing their teeth, growling aggressively, and barking non-stop.

The delivery man got scared and he wanted to leave asap. He was watching the dogs to make sure that I don’t let them bite him. So I gave him the money and he left immediately.

Remember, having a large protective dog comes with a heavy price of taking care of it. Cocoa is a very protective dog, so he does the job. I like the idea of having a protective dog, but it can be hard to take care of that fluff.

I hope you are alright! :frowning:

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Can you get the apt. manager to put on heavier duty locks and/or a large deadbolt?

Yes there can certainly be consequences but with diligent training to learn who is “good” and who is “bad” these issues can be alleviated. (Not saying you didnt train your dogs all dogs are different and some are just genetically hardwired to be very protective and going against that is very hard)

I think a dog could really benefit someone who is being robbed repeatedly, even if it is not an aggressive dog, even if it’s just big or a stigmatized breed it will be a deterrent!

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