Approved for SSI...not sure what to do with it

My family and my doctor have been trying to get me on SSI for a while now and finally got approved.

I got used to not having money and not buying things for myself. (For many years)
So now I will be getting a monthly amount from SSI plus back pay in 6 months or so.

I don’t know what to do with it.
I will be paying rent, but it stresses me out that I need to spend so my bank account will be not over $2,000 (I made a bank account just for the SSI money).

I just feel strange having money now and not sure how to spend it.


Do you have expenses @Jackie?
Food … Rent… Gas Money etc…

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Buy some new clothes, sheets, towels. Buy some nutritional supplements that are helpful. Put some cash under your mattress (or elsewhere) for emergencies.

Just some thoughts.

Do you have any hobbies?

Maybe take a day trip somewhere scenic and enjoy a nice meal.

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I will be paying rent.
The thing that scares me is the back pay that I will be getting. It’s in the thousands and it’s foreign to me to have that sort of money.

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Yes it is smart to plan it out so it’s not all gone and you’re like “what happened?”

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It’s good news!
You’ll get used to it :slight_smile:

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Thank you everyone.
I usually spend time in my room and walk my dog (I use my food stamps to feed me and my dog).
Now I can buy actual stuff for my dog.

Hmm, I will buy myself some necessary items like more natural shampoo and stuff like that.


I am very happy for you! I remember I was literally penniless when I was approved for SSI. I was going to the food bank and wearing clothes from the clothing bank. I have since switched from SSI to SSDI. My income is very small but I have managed to buy some new clothes and get an old car that runs well.

As far as your back pay, leave 1500 or so in the bank (so you don’t go over 2K) and put the rest in cash in a safe place at home. Treat yourself to the shampoo you want and some new jammies or something :slight_smile:

I can drive to my children now and take us to the movies and get us a hamburger and I feel RICH! It’s so nice. Money may not buy happiness but when you’re piss poor and finally get a little bit it SURE makes a difference! Enjoy!


Social security won’t be suspicious if I withdrawal cash?
I thought you can only buy things with your debit card and they monitor your money.

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They have no way of knowing if you used it to pay bills or what. You can withdraw cash. They will only want to know your ongoing balance. That’s all. Since you at rent and bills, your ongoing balance should stay under 2K if you get your check put in your account every month. It’s like 775 or something, right? You should be OK

Maybe get yourself a little car if you don’t have one. That’s one of the things I spent some of my back-pay on. I was literally, literally penniless. Not a damn dime to my name. It was SO nice to get approved.


Don’t worry @Jackie about spending your money, if your like me at all, what you don’t spend, others will find a way to spend it.

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I think that back pay is exempt from your $2000 limit. You should ask Social Security how long you have to spend it. Yeah I think it’s exempt for a year or something like that.

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Man , I sure wish I had problems like yours!!! I could think of a million things to buy.

Clothes, music, lunch and dinner out, a car, shoes, etc.

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I would worry about money under the mattress. My parents live out in the country and they got robbed when I was little. If I were in your shoes, I would rent a safe deposit box and put the cash in there.

That being said I spent my SSDI money on a vacation and paying off bills for a couple of years. I got away with having more than $2K for 2 years before they said I had too much. Then I paid more on bills to spend down. I wish I had taken out cash and stashed it. But also glad that I was able to pay so much towards bills.

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Can SSI listen in to my phone calls?
I just have a weird feeling that they do.

@Jackie my advice regarding the money- you can try to learn money management techniques.
If you buy the same product for cheaper, you increase your spending power.
You can also save money by renting an apartment with partners - this way you split the rent and all the bills.
Also, if you get back pay- don’t spend it all at once.
If you get a monthly allowance, try to work out so that your spending doesn’t exceed that amount,
and perhaps even spend somewhat less then the allowance so you can save money.

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No, they can’t.

They don’t have the time, money, inclination or legal authority to do so. There would have to be a court order, signed by a judge and an actual law enforcement agency would have to do it. They’re just not doing that for one person getting SSI. If you had 15 different SSI checks coming to your account, they would investigate, but they still wouldn’t bother tapping your phone.

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