App for Forum Available Now

Post this from the app! I only use the forum on my phone and so I’ve been waiting for an app for the longest. No more awkward safari or chrome format or relying on email to send push notifications. And it looks JUST like the mobile web version for those of you who aren’t sure about the change.

I like it. A lot.


I tried it but it wouldn’t work.
Maybe my iPhone 6 is too old?

Doesn’t work on my iPhone se.

It won’t let me add

Yeah it didn’t work for me either and I have an iPhone 6.

Did you add

The App Store on my iPad asked me to update my billing info so I didn’t install it. Is it free or do you have to pay for it?

Yes I did. 151515

Just checking - I’m not sure alone would do it.

No, I put in both.

It’s free… So please try it. Has anyone been successful with an iPhone or iPad?

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It’s just a web wrapper. Really underwhelming (I’m spoiled :slight_smile: )

Hey - its a start! Would love to build a fully native app but that takes a lot of money. This is a start - and gets people on phone notifications which I think is very helpful.


I have it on my iPhone @SzAdmin

The only problem is that notifications pop up as I don’t know if there is any way to change this so it just pops up as discourse. It could be a privacy concern for some.


The app works good on my new phone the iPhone 10.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want “” to show up as a notification while I’m at work. That would create too many awkward questions.

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interesting…i dont even have a smartphone though lol.

what is the point of this app?

The mobile site works just fine!!!

What are the benefits

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It will notify u with message… it rings when somebody replys u… aint it funny.!!!


I’m using an iPhone SE and After downloading the app it says this site is not supported. Is it my phone? Or is it my brain? Probably both.

Probably just to notify you when you have messages etc. Whereas the mobile site you need to go on and check.

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