App for Forum Available Now


Tell me more… Can you open the app on your phone?


Yes. I can open the app and it gives me the option to add a site. After typing out the website address it says:


Also. I should charge my phone.


Did you try to add by itself may not work.


Right - you have to type in exactly: “” (without the quote marks).


@Rhubot @SzAdmin

Thank you! I am now connected through the discourse app :heart:️:raised_hands:t3:


I think have to update my Chrome app?


What type if phone do you have?


Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace. It is an Android phone.


Hey guys the Discourse app don’t sends me notifications anymore IDK why?! I don’t receive the symbol of sistem on my phone anymore… My Google Chrome is up to date, I checked my preferences-notification, nothing wrong. So I wonder if you guys don’t receive notifications as me