Apart from weight gain what else u got on olanzapine?

Apart from weight gain what other side effects u got on olanzapine ?


sleep paralysis almost every night, somnolence, excessive sweating not too many side effects but the weight gain was enough to be too much

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It causes heat stroke in some patients. Maybe excessive sweating was cuz of this ?

You get sweating after exercise or sweating comes for no reason ?

no reason, not all the time but even in only mildly warm weather i would be drenched in sweat

I am more sensible to the heat on it… I also got fat and very swollen, yeap… I feel less energy on it and at the end, it remains quite a heavy med in my opinion… My pdoc said, that its one of the best aps on the market, the med of the 21 century, but its from the heaviest aps… But the only one who works a bit for me. There’s a good point, that it doesn’t make me crazier than I am, which I had with some other aps…
I feel a bit bad still after it take in the evening, but we are ill, so we should accept some price I guess :confused:

@Anna1 What dose of zyprexa are you on? Have you tried clozapine?

I try a lower dose now in fact tbh… 7,5 mgs… I pray that I’ll succeed… I was on bigger doses before. I tried all existing aps, circle. Even clozapine yeap, but I had horrible side effects on it, plus it wasn’t helping at all… I remained 6 months on clozapine. The aps don’t work quite well on me. But off zyprexa, it’s still very bad.

Damn, that sucks. Have you looked into this lion’s mane stuff people are talking about?

Do you think your doctor might be open to stuff like that?

Well, I am very sensible even to supplements… Idk, I am a very worried person in fact in my sz… I took now a benzo with my zyprexa and even my cognitives got better. My energy and conversion disorder too… I guess I lack peace of mind. But believe me, my pdoc really tried to help me, we tried all the aps, you can’t even imagine how I trusted the aps… But I guess, they are not so good for my schizophrenic anxiety… I’ll try with efforts this time. Maybe I really need and to break my fears now. In fact I saw a friend today and talked to some operators on the phone. I was a bit more excited but I am trying lower doses of zyprexa just to see. 7,5 mgs is a good dose already too… But I really start to find, that I need more than the meds now. I am not stopping them though, but I never tried the “efforts” thing lol…

I take 7.5 mg of Zyprexa, and I don’t have a problem with overheating.

The only side effects I get, I like. It gives me insomnia, so I take it in the early morning and it gives me energy all day. I take 6 mg of Melatonin at bedtime so I can get some sleep. Usually it makes people tired, but it has the opposite effect on me. I fall asleep around 9:30 p.m. and I naturally wake up around 5:30 - 6 a.m. I take my Zyprexa when I wake up. I don’t mind getting up that early.

It also suppresses my appetite, so I have lost 25 pounds since mid-March by calorie counting. (I need to lose a lot more that I gained on other APs).

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I was on olanzapine for a couple of years and I didn’t have any problems with it effecting the body’s natural thermoregulatory systems. I gained a lot of girth around my middle, so much that it looks like my stomach is distended. I started to notice short term memory problems and problems with abstract thought. I was taking 30 mg (a very high dose) and my doc switched me to haldol because of recent symptoms. I’ve been off two weeks and I feel better (symptoms) and my memory has improved.

Given that, if haldol doesn’t work, I’ll go back to zyprexa immediately. It has been my favorite ap for symptom management.

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Zyprexa has worked well for me. Best results so far other than Clozaril, at one time I was taking both plus Xanax, that combo helped me to get back to work. I eventually removed the Clozaril of my own choice, (yay, no more drooling!) which was a struggle but I made it through. Removed Xanax from my regimen after 20 years on it. Again, struggle at first but I’ve adjusted. Went off all meds for a year, bad decision, paid for it. Back on Zyprexa(20mg) and Zoloft(50mg) for 6 months now, could be better, could be worse, overall better than no meds.
Zyprexa causes excess sweating, sensitivity to heat both in me, and of course weight gain. The weight gain is something I take very seriously, the best way I can describe Zyprexa is a 2000 calorie pill. Even with strict exercise routine and intermittent fasting diet, 16 hours a day with no food (no breakfast, late lunch of one banana, full dinner, and snack before bed) I’ve gained more than I prefer. I was up to 250 lbs many years ago, I will never get above 200 again, hovering at 175 now. Carrying that much extra weight is a death sentence for many. Honestly hoping to dial the Zyprexa back to 15mg soon, the heat sensitivity is limiting my activity too much. I need connection with nature more than meds. Best thing I’ve ever changed is my diet. I eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, limit all meats, red meat especially. Whole wheat grains are essential, limited dairy. Also I dont avoid fried foods, I feel plenty of the misinformation on fried foods is soon to be debunked. No meds have made near as much of a difference than diet and exercise, period.

It made me very tired and fat. I think I am lucky not to have diabetes from that drug.

This right here. Felt like a zombie all the time. Depressed too. Glad Im off that stuff

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Luckily I didn’t gain much weight on Olanzapine as I think I was at an age where my metabolism was really strong. I did notice that I developed a sweet tooth, donuts, candy and sweet drinks tasted amazing. I also slept like 10-12 hours a day, sleep was like bliss on olanzapine. Still heard voices so I got put on Clozapine, been on that since then.

If I try and go below 400mg of cloz I get really super ocd and if I go above 400mg I get akathisia. I still have terrible pure obsessional ocd due to thought broadcast. Sucks that nothing was effective enough but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

Sleepiness, it’s very hard for me to get up in the morning. I take the Olanzapine at 22:00. I also get an upset stomach and akathisia. I’m on 12.5mg and I used to be on 15mg. I get less akathisia at 12.5mg but it’s still there.

Sleepiness was a lot less intense than it was on seroquel for me. So that didnt bother me since I was used to worse. I ate like crazy though

Reduced libido and overall drive. Working on it was horrible