Anyone who got the vaccine

Did you experience super brain fog? More than the average med or sz fog? The last 2 weeks were like a blur, my 2nd dose is next week.

I didn’t have too much brain fog. I was just lethargic and tired the first few days. But I got the J and J vaccine.

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My arm really hurt and I got a little dizzy but that was it. For both shots

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I didn’t have that I was dizzy for ten minutes after and my arm hurt for 3 days each time!

no brain fog…just tired a few days after the first shot…my gf got a red swollen patch where she got her second shot but the doctor said that was common.

I just had cold symptoms for a day after first dose, and zero side effects from the second. It was the Pfizer vaccine.

First one felt funny for a day or 2
Second one was weird sleepy for a day or 2
Don’t worry
It’s better than the alternative

One dose of Pfizer. Was okay.

I had both doses of Pfizer no brain fog just had the spins

I have had both Pfizer jabs

Both times my arm hurt for a few days, but no other symptoms at all

Due my first one this monday. Ive been putting it off cos it involved using public transport - and i get thought broadcasting on the buses, so me cpn is taking me.

My arm hurt for a little bit, no brain fog at all, and it took a day for my arm to start hurting.

I had the Pfizer vaccine and the first time, just my arm hurt for a couple of days, the second dose I felt like I had the flu for about three days and was tired, no brain fog though.

i didn’t have brain fog after my first shot of moderna. Just a sore arm for a couple of days.

My sister had brain fog that lasted two days. Brain fog for a while is better than being on a respirator. If I were you, I’d still get the second shot.

Yeah I’m getting the 2nd shot next week, I was just seeing if anyone else experienced the fog. Seems like most didn’t. So far this vaccine has been way better than when I got h1n1 vaccine.

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I’m glad you’re getting it. What happened with the other vaccine?

I got super duper hospital sick for a week, that vaccine was a nasal spray it was wacky, I think if the country reaches 90% covid vaccination I’ll burn all my masks lol. :fire: :mask:

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I’ve had both doses of Pfizer. No symptoms other than arm hurt the day after shot for a day or 2.

Wow. That’s a scary reaction. I don’t blame you for wanting to get rid of your face masks. I kind of like them because I feel like most people won’t recognize me. Plus I don’t need makeup with them on.