Gone but hopefully not forgotten


Does anyone remember me? I was a member for a long tome and then I fell on some hard times, but nowe things are a lot better and I finally have Internet acceess. I really missed this site and all the support I got here and the members are all great. I hope everyone is doing well. I went by the name of littlekItty to the best of my memory. Also, there used to be a chat room here can someone tell me how to get to it if it still exists?


hi little kitty :slight_smile: the name seems familiar but not sure if i remember you,

the chat was disabled a long time ago bc of in fighting i am afraid,

but welcome back btw, glad you came back and glad you are doing a bit better

hope to see you post some :slight_smile:


hi @Kittycat I remember some kind of handle with kitten or cat in it? I welcome you back.


You were the one that mouintainman was so worked up over? Chat’s been dead for years.

The closest thing to the old chat would probably be Sana’s (I can’t believe I typed that wretched name) chat. It’s at #schizophrenia.

I think this url will work for you.


Can’t remember you but glad you came back. We need each other.


i could be a mod if there was a chat feature but people would probably hate me lol


Believe me, you don’t want to be a chat room moderator. It is a lousy job.


i’d have thought it would be a bit like being a counsellor only in a group therapy type thing, but they would hate me.


It’s more like a kindergarten teacher or a babysitter stuck with 30 brats.