Anyone used to play Pogs?

man i loved playing pogs in elementary school.
i remember whenever someone at school played for slammers we always crowded around to watch.
i played for slammers once and an older kid lent me his slammer so i could win mine back.
those were the days :smile:


I remember playing seasons of marbles. Everyone would be playing and then the stealing and shenanigans would occur and you’d be banned for another season. Funny as. I actually had one year where I had shiteloads of marbles…I think we ended up throwing them all out in a move…

And after that story. No frigging idea what a pog is! haha. Did you play games with them? How did you win? I’m curious!



With pogs you stack the thin cardboard ones , atleast 2 or more stacked face down.

Then you have a heavier circular one made of metal or rubber or plastic called a “slammer”

Your goal is to use the slammer to slam on top of the stack and flip the pogs over face up. Whoever flips them first wins the pogs.


I remember having them but never playing them.

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