Anyone stream live here?

I want to stream videogames. I did in the past on yt got comments and a few followers but they were kids lol

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I stream music out of my basement 24/7. I was on live a few times a week last year, but not so much this year. I need to get back into it.

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Do you get money out of it? I didn’t when I streamed videogames as I needed min 1000 followers to start earning 1$ every 1000 views.

Not a penny. I have a large listener base, but they would evaporate overnight if I had a single ad in my stream. I’m actually in the process of designing merch for sale, but 100% of the proceeds are going to the local food bank.


I’ve thought about it. I don’t have anything that I want to do for that long though. Being live would drive me crazy. Posting on YouTube may be ok idk.

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