Anyone remember @kidsister and her spoon collection?


I thought it was funny and cute. I hope her and @SurprisedJ are doing good. I am really curious as to how they are doing and what they’re up to.


I’m always thinking about them and others.
I sure do miss them.


Yup, I posted about this earlier today on another thread.


I wasn’t here when them two were here, but that spoon thread has made my week :heart_eyes:


Both of them are incredible writers. I came across this post by @SurprisedJ quite some time ago and it really made an impression on me.


I read it. It makes me miss both of them them even more. To be honest, it makes my heart sad… It reminds me of just a couple of years ago when I came home one night to my board & care home and saw my roommates pretty, petite 27 year old girlfriend walking back to her own house down the downtown street by herself.

She wasn’t that ill but she wasn’t fully aware of her surroundings and it just made me sad at how cruel the world is to the innocent and how futile life is when a nice sweet woman has to face the world alone and what the ugly world is going to try to do to her and people like her. A sweet young woman like @kidsister with her funny spoon affinity should be safe in this world to steal spoons and not live in fear and be able live peacefully with her kind big brother and grow up and be a nurse or a doctor or whatever she wants. It just makes me feel very sad.


I miss them too. Ahh, the head circus, love that.


OMG I miss surprised j

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