Anyone Planning to see Star Wars?

Anyone planning to see Star Wars? I saw it yesterday

I am! No spoilers pls!

yes, definitely, but the real question is are you planning on seeing Star Trek Beyond next year?

Wasn’t planning on it but maybe now


Yoda and R2-D2 wake up hungover in bed together surrounded by hungover Ewoks!!


I’ll see it eventually. I read some spoilers and have to admit I’m a bit disappointed at them rehashing so many plot elements from previous movies. Still, it’s Star Wars, I’ll see it.

Going to see it this weekend !! Yayyyy…

Going to see it tonight.

Certainly not. I gots no use for Star Wars, and I’m fairly tired of hearing about it.

Seeing it tomorrow at 12. It’s been a struggle avoiding spoilers man. I’ve yelled at more people than I care to admit about it…

No,Charlie Brown