Have booked a ticket to see the new Star Wars!

Have not been to the pictures in years but have bit the bullet and booked a seat for the force awakens. Am v excited. Just hope I don’t back out due to nerves like I did when I booked concert tickets.


Go and have fun. :smile:

I’ve already seen it but I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll just say that the ending involves a LOT of flying monkeys. I’m talking Wizard of Oz here in biblical proportions.

Tell us how you like it.

I really really REALLY want to see The Force Awakens!! I am hoping it’s coming to theaters here in my little town.

This new Star Wars movie was in our TV news today, must be quite popular.

Ohhh I’m jealous, I’m going to try and see it also if there are still tickets available

When is the new star wars released?

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