Anyone on here treating their schizophrenia without meds?

@everhopeful Damn… So it came suddenly, without any triggers? Like it developed in hours?

It developed within hours, but I knew what it was so went to hospital. I must have got there just in time as I was really babbling when I arrived.

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i haven’t been on meds for a few years my positive symptoms are relatively mild my DR encouraged me to seek alternatives due to severe paranoia about meds and my adverse reactions to them.
I was sent to websites like hearingvoices and I have regular CBT.

Here are the guidelines for the Diagnosed forums:

Here are the guidelines for the Family forums:

Where do you – someone who is the caregiver of a schizophrenic and not a schizophrenia sufferer yourself – think you fit better?

Oh, and? If I need medical advice pertaining to meds and supplements I have doctors I can see.

I very much apologize. I’m not sure how I missed that in the guidelines.
I certainly didn’t mean to lecture anyone on anything, and no one suggested anything I said was a turn-off.
I had no intention of giving any medical advice, but those on the forum have taught me a lot!
You’ve got a good group of people here. I hope the best for all of you and this support/discussion area.
I’ll be more careful next time I read guidelines.
I am very sorry for posting to the wrong area.

I’ve tried. If i stay too long off my medz i feel strange and unstable.