Anyone on atrovent (ipratropium) with clozapine for drooling?

So I started using atrovent to stop drooling on my pillow during sleep.
This morning I had a really annoying, persistent cough and chest congestion.
I thought I might have left the window open and let some cold air in but the window was shut!

The only thing I can think of, is that when using my atrovent inhaler, some spray went into my throat causing it to dry out and get all congested.

Has this happened to anyone else? The only thing I can think of to stop this is to angle the spray downward underneath the tongue so it doesn’t accidentally go into your throat.

I’m on clozapine and also have this drooling problem though I haven’t done anything to stop this problem…

Atrovent comes with common side effects of congestion, bronchitis, and influenza-like symptoms. If these side effects are intolerable to you, you should talk to your Dr about switching meds.

When I was on Clozaril, I took Cogentin and hydroxyzine to stop the drooling. Worked great for me. So there are other options available to you.



When I was on Clozaril I drooled like no other. For some reason it never crossed my mind to bring this up with the doc and do something about it. I just ruined pillow after pillow.

I hated it and eventually got switched over to Seroquel, now I have dry mouth. I always have some mineral water by the bed… it cuts that “midnight dry sticky mouth” feeling.

No drooling though… I wish there was a happy medium with this stuff. :confused:

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My son drools at night on clozapine. We don’t treat it. Maybe try limiting liquids before bed.

Thanks for the replies, people.
Anthony, thx for the recommendations, I think atrovent is just the most readily available,
gotta find out if those other options are covered for me.

SuprisedJ, glad to hear you don’t have to deal with the drooling anymore!

I still can’t tell if I caught a cold or if its the atrovent.
I sleep with 2 pillows, meaning I have 4 chances to flip the pillow over if I drool,
usually I get to like the 2nd or 3rd chance, I don’t think I’ve ever used up all 4 chances