Anyone like wrestling like WWE?

Onto more positive things. My mom has been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. I’m a fan of WWE and others like next.


I was when I was younger, it was called WWF before. I still have the WWE video game on my PC.

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I loved to use the chairs from under the ring in the video game, I was playing it with friends too.

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I watch Smack down on Fridays. :leopard::leopard::leopard:


I remember being six and being in the nosebleeds watching them .

Hahaha wrastlin! :wink:

J/k I like it too. Wrestlers get a lot of injuries and often come from pretty tough backgrounds. So they get my respect.

My best friend and I used to drink beer and watch WWF together.

Those were the days. :blush:

My brother had a friend who was really into wrestling when they were growing up. He wanted to become a wrestler but never did.

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Anyone Remember THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (???)… . … :sleeping:

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I prefer to watch amateur wrestling, not so much the Greco-Roman as the freestyle and the collegiate.

All I know is that WWE without a crowd is just hilarious. It just doesn’t work on any level let alone without a lot of people yelling. Funny stuff.


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