Anyone like “Napoleon Dynamite?”

It was one of my favorite comedies in high school. My favorite scene is

“Get off me you bodaggit!”


“Eat the food!”


haha yes, love napoleon…such a good movie.

Loved it. Watched it because of memes. No wonder movie became a cult hit.

His “buck teeth” face lol

I not only think it’s a funny movie,

I think it’s a major accomplishment in film.

That movie has no sex, no drugs, nothing remotely raunchy, no violence.

It raked in millions.

I personally saw it in the theaters three times.

That all said, a lot of people don’t like it, my husband being one of them.

It doesn’t suit everyone’s humor.

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They also blew the majority of their budget buying the rights to “Canned Heat”.

So it was all filmed for next to nothing.

I didn’t like it.
It was one of those “being weird just to be weird” kind of films I’ve never been able to understand.

Like, “here’s a weird guy who’s kind of a jerk to everyone. Here’s his weird brother and his weird friends.
Look at the weirdos. Aren’t they weird?”
Well, yes, and…?

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