Things to do on a day with no work

I had one day with very little motivation and I did very little.
Then I had one evening with my family in which I recovered.
Then today I got up and found things to do all day long. This makes me feel much better.
I think when you do things you get in a pattern. I maintained my momentum and kept doing things.
I am very thankful.


Iā€™m glad you found things to do with your time which helped yu feel better,

my day has been very relaxing, i had an off day but i feel a bit depressed, i am normally busy doing things but lately its been blah, it is nice to take a rest now and then but i like to be productive and achieve something, its pretty cold bc i cant put my heater on. i managed to write 2 poems though so thats pretty cool.

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Do you ever put your poems on the creativity section here?

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yeah, i put them on it sometimes.

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