Anyone here from 2-3 years ago?

I left the forum due to poor moderating, censorship and whatnot. It doesn’t appear to be the same anymore. On the one hand, I don’t see Dugal deleting and censoring schizophrenics’ comments to the point of frustration. But, on the other hand, I don’t see too many familiar names. So, anyone here from 2-3 years ago? I kinda miss William98’s immature troll posts about his butt.

Sadly Dugal has passed away since you left. I remember you from that time. I was just starting the forums when you left. I have been away for a while too.

I have been on the forums for over 10 years using my current name and other user names.
Dugal died a while back. He was not perfect but he did his best and had the welfare of the members at heart.

You can read Dugal’s obituary notice here:

He posted on the old boards as Dugal in his moderator role and ‘danwebs’ as his alternate identity for posting news and information items.


Dugal was a good friend to me. Sent me Christmas cards and things.

I have been on for a while - yeah this is a greatly improved site :smiley:

I didn’t like Dugal very much at all for his censorship of the simplest of things and I feel that he would just block most everything I would post without explanation but I never wished death on him. I see some familiar faces but a lot of missing faces.

I was here. I miss William’s other posts but not his troll posts.

I don’t miss William when I mentioned my father passed away and he answered with a butt cheek joke. I found it was beyond disrespectful and insensitive and showed his true nature.

i’ve been on the site for ten years almost. i sometimes found bevkay to b overbearing but i kinda liked dugal. xxx

Nor do I.

Dugal was the best. The old software was the worst.

I’ve been here for quite a few years. I thought I remembered your username and it seemed to me that you are more clear-headed now, as a first impression. I remember your trouble with the moderators and given the crazy-salad of trolls I thought it was alright for you to insist on free-speech at the time. It seemed like the moderators were fighting a losing battle anyway.

I have ambivalent feelings about William. Some days his over-the-top idiocy really tickled my funny-bone and other days I thought he was really twisted.

I just dwellt on the old forum for about 8 months and happened to see William98 and some other members tolled the site. I am more than disliking William 98. He created so many junk posts almost everyday , which made the forum a mess. Almost a desert that lacked of decency, rationality and common sense.

Now with the help of new software, this forum has become much cleaner and more peaceful.

I have been on this site for thirteen years. I remember you Condition01.
I liked Dugal. I learned not to read William98’s posts.

I’ve been here for 10 years. Dropped the “x” on the end of my username when we switched the software.

I joined the old forum less than a year before we switched to this new software. I didn’t post much but read everyone’s comments. It comforted me to see other people struggled with the same things I did. By the end there were a lot of ads on that site. I liked though how it had the different sections that people could post under. I guess we have the same thing here, but I liked the school and work section. The way this site is laid out is much easier to read. :sunny: