Anyone have ADD? What medicines do you take?

So, my attention span is horrible, so bad that I used to think I was just a complete idiot before it clicked and I realized I might have ADD. I don’t have hyperactive symptoms, just a horrible inability to focus. It’s been this way my whole life and I’m looking to start a new job and I know that if I don’t get this resolved it will affect my ability to work. The problem is I know a lot of ADD medications exasperate schizophrenia.

Do any of you guys out there that have ADD know of meds for it that don’t? My doctor has put me on different antidepressants in the past saying they might help with concentration, but so far none of them have. Thank you in advance for any responses.

Marijuana cured my ADHD (which I dont recommend doing) but it brought me to psychosis.

Wellbutrin is good for ADD/ADHD, so are other psychostimulants.

I take concerta

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