Anyone has poverty of speech

Mine is severe. I usually dont have any thing to say. How about you?


It’s actually weird. In here I can express myself in english pretty well, but when I have to face social situations I choke a bit and have nothing to say, even if its a subject I’m familiar with. It’s really weird

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How’s the exam?

I’m sorry, what exam do you mean?

Even in Portuguese???

Just thinking about the anatomy?

yeah, its easier for me to express myself in writting.


Oh I dont know, it went pretty bad. The teacher will give the grades next week.

I have yet to figure out what other people talk about, and I’ve been trying to figure it out for years! When I listen though, it’s either mundane, or they have a previous connection. It’s hard to connect with others when I live so much in my head. There’s no common reference point. Is it “poverty of speech”, or is it not being able to relate?

Doesn’t sound like poverty of speech. I used to have poverty of speech but no mas. Sounds like you’re experiencing inability to relate which I still have. Poverty of speech I think of someone as half a mute…They wanna be able to speak but it’s difficult to even say more than yes or no


Same ■■■■. I understand written English almost 100% but I have problems to follow people when they talk.
Because a lot of tourists come here it is quite annoying situation.

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Hi. Yes. Sometimes. UH, I don’t know. Uh, I’m not sure.


yeah its hard 4 me to continuously speak for longer period of time…
words end up so easily :neutral_face:

I have that problem big time. I find myself around people and wishing I could think of something to say. When I do speak it is usually about something boring, like the weather, and people start to yawn when I talk. I find it much easier to express myself on this site. For one thing, I don’t have to be spontaneous. I’m not left standing there at a loss for something to say. I pretty much handled the situation by withdrawing. I keep to myself.

I did on Haldol.
There was not one thing in my head to say, or think.

Then when I switched to Geodon, oh dios mia,


I can’t talk well in front of other people, It’s like my mouth won’t move the way I tell it too.

My ability to converse fluctuates. Sometimes it’s fairly easy to talk and other times the effort required is draining. When it’s draining it takes all my effort to think of quick replies and think on my feet.

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yes its my worst problem

Poverty of thought and lack of expression (flat effect) for me