Anyone got tips on voluntary work


Im looking to do voluntary work but everyone has been turning me down so far, Ive tried charity shops and homeless hostels but they don’t need me at the moment. So have you any ideas on voluntary work I can do? Thanks for any help.


Yeah, do a search for volunter positions in your city, county, or state. When I was looking for a volunteer job a few years ago I went on my cities website where they listed local volunteer jobs.


Community centers have a volunteer services coordinator usually. Food banks was my first volunteer job. Libraries usually also have some ideas and ways to plug in.

Good luck.


if you like animals volunteering with a rescue organization would be fun but sad too. :slight_smile: There is a website in my state too that lists volunteer jobs although i can’t remember the site name. I volunteered at a riding stable many years ago i REALLy enjoyed it and got to learn how to ride horses and take care of them.

Do something that interests you!


I could only imagine how many animals would be in my house if I volunteered at a rescue/shelter.
I’ve got 6 indoor cats, all strays abandoned/neglected/abused.
Makes me very angry when people don’t treat animals very well.


I am a quiet, introverted person. on disability. I have been volunteering at my local library now for about 7 yrs. I love being in the library around books…I love to read. being in a bookstore or a library are one of my favorite places to be.
I don’t have to interact with staff or patrons too much. I pull holds. I go once a week for about four hours.

My daughter (who is a teen) has volunteered at the local food bank for a couple of summers and she really enjoyed it. It was just for a few hrs at a time a couple of days a week. It was a great thing for her to do prior to getting a first job. it gave her something to put on her applications and resume.