Anyone got Kindle?

i don t know why but i love my kindle.its great stuff.its calligraphy ,dictionary and frontlight make reading to anyone got kindle?

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I don’t have the concentration to read, but if kindle could read out loud I’d buy one. The only way I can read something long is by using an app on my phone which reads stuff out loud.

I used to have a Kobo eReader, but my daughter made off with it. Currently using a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet as my eReader with the Aldiko app.

I really hate not having the concentration to read. It’s actually making me sad thinking about it.

Yes I love my kindle. Endless books to read
Kindle has a light for night time reading

I have an older kindle, the newer kindle paperwhite (with backlight) and a kindle fiire tablet. I love them all. I always check the kindle 'daily deals" and monthly deals on amazon because you can get some really good deals on books (I usually only pay about $2, maybe $4 max for a kindle book). Also, I can borrow e-books through my local library which is handy and costs nothing.

I got a tablet with Aldiko too.

I don’t have my Kindle with me right now so I’ll have to check later, but I’m almost certain it has a reading feature (it will read for you) There are audio books available to play on CDs I think too… I can’t concentrate for very long, but I also don’t like listening to audio… I just read really slowly.

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Looking at bright screens makes my vision blurry. I don’t know if Kindle would work for me.

That’s the magic of a Kindle. The screen just looks like paper. I couldn’t read on a computer screen, an ipad or a tablet, but I love my Kindle.

I have a Kindle Touch and a Kindle Voyage. The Touch will read out loud to you, and I think the Paperwhite will, too.

According to this video, text to speech is only available on the fire tablet now. :disappointed:


My Touch has it, and I figured it continued to Paperwhite. Guess not. I wouldn’t consider the Fire worth it, to me the whole point of a Kindle is the e-ink display.

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Check ebay, everhopeful! Kindle Touch 4th gen. It doesn’t have a backlight to the screen, but I don’t think that’s necessary anyway.

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I might do that, thanks.

The older kindles have text-to-speech which is why I kept my first kindle. My new kindle paperwhite does not have text-to-speech. Dropping the audio capability helped amazon make the kindle paperwhite smaller and lighter weight than previous kindles.

I also have a Kindle Fire because it is a super cheap way to get an all-purpose tablet for web browsing, email, social media. watching movies, music, and reading digital magazines. I never use my kindle fire to read books since my kindle paperwhite is so much easier on the eyes when reading.

I really don’t know how amazon makes electronics so cheaply, but as a consumer, I sure appreciate the low cost. I just can’t bring myself to spend the extra money that “cooler” electronics brands cost (e.g., apple products). I guess I’m the miserly type, always saving for a rainy day. :smirk:

Oh yeah—now that I think of it I do have one Apple product, my iPOD Touch. :scream: And I did get the Steve Jobs biography on my kindle–come to think of it, I think that may have been the most expensive kindle book that I have purchased. :smile:

:smile_cat: I trust Apple with my music collection (which I will not purchase from them) and that’s it. I have about 17,000 songs, and no one else makes a product that will store so many so inexpensively.

I do have an ipad, a gift. Were I to get another tablet, I would go Android.

With Amazon, I am apparently destined to get the one-off transitional models. There was only one version of the Touch before the Paperwhite, and it looks like the same story with the Voyage, now that we’re at the Oasis. I love them both, though, they’re perfect for what they do.

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