Anyone gone sub-ohm in the vaping world yet?

Have just got myself a new neat setup. A 150w battery and a kangertech tank which can go mouth to lung or, with the change of a coil, go sub-ohm straight to lung.

TBH honest I prefer mouth to lung as it more resembles smoking but I want to try sub-ohm. Will need to research it though. My battery supports temperature control.

Tip to anyone vaping. If you find you like it I believe you benefit from investing in a pretty good setup. It is worth it.


I went sub ohm well over a year ago. Don’t use nickel wire (temperature controlled vaping)

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Interesting. My tank comes with a rebuildable atomiser - will now make sure to avoid nickel. Thanks for the info. J

Sub ohm will use a lot more juice, that’s the only downside.

That’s what I was worried about. I mix my own liquid but the flavouring ends up as one of the more expensive ingredients. Lots of liquid equals lots of flavouring. Can’t justify that.

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I vape unflavoured liquid now. I import it in bulk from the states (2 litres at a time). You get used to unflavoured pretty quick.

Do you mind if I ask how much 2 litres costs? I can source 2.5litres ready mixed for £100.

$143 including delivery from . Where do you get 2.5 litres for £100 from. I’m very interested!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it from these guys?

This is most interesting!

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Yeah is those guys. You can get it flavoured for the same price. They ship to Europe. Think it looks good?

Looks very good, I’ll give them a try next.

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Cool. I have a couple of months worth sitting in my flat but I think I will use these guys next.

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Yeah I use Bluestar, I just bought a litre last night.

I sub ohm too - I use an Innokin setup - works well.

I go through a lot of juice.

I add a few drops of CBD vape liquid to the mix.


Does the cbd work well?

I think it helps but it is not a miracle cure. I still hear voices.

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It is good for anxiety and as a relaxant. I am having a mini-relapse so just down at the minute.

Geez, CBD vape juice. That’s a new one on me.

Hey man. Sorry you are having a mini relapse. Just take things easy and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Hope you feel better soon buddy.

Thanks. I will try. I have signed up to all sorts of volunteer jobs, and one was causing me stress. I feel I need to give it a go, but I will quit it if it is causing me too much stress.